Here we are then, my very own website.....I hope you find something of interest here....I created this site to publish my ART and POETRY to a wider audience; I also hope to share my experience and possibly knowledge gained after working for more than 20 years as a Drama lecturer, teacher and workshop leader.

    In the Theatre & Drama section there are pages listing drama games and activities, workshop ideas and plans, historical scripts and programs pertaining to Colourise Theatre Company and reflections on the art of performance and creativity.    

    On the PHOTOS page you will find further albums that portray some of my experience in Papua New Guinea.

    If you like MOVIES then there’s some performance / dance work to be seen here and some remarkable footage from Papua New Guinea.

        Should you wish to spend a few moments discovering wonder or you wish to cheer yourself up then hit the Wonder page it is a piece designed to be read at leisure and to manifest memories of pleasure.

        Now if you want to discover a new word then hit the Blissed page where you will find a page I created for V 

There are a number of email icons for you to hit and share your wisdom or reflection but if that fails I’m always available on


Welcome and thank you for visiting this site