On The Company of Birds

How easily you bring memories to rest my searching mind

No matter where I am no matter what your kind.

How often do I watch you dance upon invisible lines

Showing all that I would know no matter what the time.

How little we know each other and yet such company we keep.


As close to the sky as is the Sea

You and I will become as One

When the wind waves the Sea

So then shall we live free

Our moment together has come.

As close to the stars as is the Moon

You and I will be One soon

When light alights all above

So then shall we know our Love

In harmony together we bloom.

I Hear Nothing

To the naked eye I’m a Dreamer

Fully clothed am just a Screamer

The outside world keeps spinning around

And I don’t think I hear the sound

Of a million teardrops falling

Of kisses softly blown

Of a poet’s rhythmic warning

Of the light of day as sown

So busy screaming I hear nothing.


I want to make people Happy. I want to show you beauty … I want you to remember so I can remember … I want to be alive and dissolve in the moment … I want you to laugh… to know laughter … I want to show you what I see, all I’ve seen … I want to say it is alright … I want you to see me as nothing … I want you to not know what you see … I want to take you somewhere new … somewhere old … to a Place, a Story, a Million Moments … I want you to Be … I want you to BE.

I want to show you my foolishness, my mistakes, my Love, my good fortune … My Life.  I want to show you the silliness I see …moments Dipping… Bursting Bubbles ... Popping out … Laughing Loudly … I want not to want ~ to touch whispers leave all as is…….. To Hold You for One Moment……. To Love You …

(Written by Albert a character I performed in a story called ‘To Love’ he wrote it honestly)


The gift you love you shall not lose

If you trust the path you choose

But should you doubt then all would go

And there you’ll be with naught to show.


Something about your smile makes me uncertain

And uncertain smiles make me think of something

So forgive me if I doubt.