Adam & Eve

Eve’s loss … inside each and every one of us … silent jilt to recognise pulls back. Black wings flapping … isolate child deep within time’s embryonic stasis…. Haze… Eve’s loss.

Adam’s gain … inside each and every one of us … sensual myriad. Belonging to all this prescient vibe lays still the salt of sea …. White whispers crossing skies awaken a fool’s free whim to epitomise enigma …

Such the silent we, so still the one…

Gain is Loss and Loss is Gain

Sixth Day Done.

Freelance Cats

Freelance cats are riding bikes

Whilst I attend my Lady’s request,

Their noise, chaotic rattles down my throat to find my Heart at rest.

Tails are woes are weeds to grow within the garden,

Sleeping now, only will my lady know.

Preening themselves with night-time paws

The freelance cats drive on by…

I’m left alone with my lady to rest.

The freelance cats work on a freelance basis and attend my Lady’s request.

9 Little Moments

Nine little moments would the Love Cat bestow

The first was Love placed in their hearts

The second friendship to play its part

The third was placed in twinkling eyes

The fourth was trust to banish lies

The fifth danced into fantasies seen

The sixth at night for each to dream

The seventh held within it tight

A feeling that all was right

The eighth was patience in delay

So each would see again one day

For the ninth, given not one single thing

For the ninth given eternal spring.

Mid – ness

A single eye that caught your eye

A certain way of looking.

A single bird in a shattered sky

A certain way of looking.

Senses close, no rush, a flow

Light above and light below

Goodnight My Love

When I hold out my arms I don’t feel you

Yet when I breathe my heart loves you.

In the distance between us lay my darkest fears

And in the silence of loneliness my heaviest tears

Still with the sunrise I taste the touch of your Eyes

And wake to the Sound of a single moon crossing distant skies.

In you I stir…Goodnight My Love.