Sail Me

How friendly you can be when you take me by the hand

Sail me down the river-way, nothing ever planned.

How seldom do I feel this although I know within

The comfort of a family, humanity and sin.


To compose a night such as this you’d have to be insane

A friend, a meal no time to sleep,

A badger, shooting star to keep.

A thousand songs of gesture light

Snug in the theatre of this night…

Forever here.

When We Met

Hues of iridescent reflection

Momentised and held

Caught within a pert perfection

She lay where he compelled.

Fragile seconds bloom to fade

With eye lines thrown asunder

Astounded now by what they’d made

They held hands lost in wonder.

For when two such lights as these do meet

All love and life hush still

For in this union both complete

Their Hearts, their Words, their Will.


A thousand broken rivers wind from the sea

As a thousand broken people form a part of me.

There is no separation from all that I deem whole

There is but contemplation of my lonely ragged soul.

Looking Around

I hear the sound of angels and just wish to run and hide

For I care not for this stricken world where empty hearts reside.

Let loose the chord that binds, release me without fear

Innocence knows nothing but the violence living here.