I Will

Leave light upon my feathered bed

When soft you leave me lay

Loose your scent to dream my head

When night surrenders day

Lay love your touch upon my chest

When to still my lover’s heart

Light eyes upon me as I rest

When morning stars depart

Lap water cool my lust to ease

When fires leave us still

Let your love my life to please

When last you say I will.


I found a broken conversation floating on the breeze,

It was not mine it was not theirs but something made me sneeze.

I lost a passerby in the blinking of an eye, but I replaced it with a teapot so no one should be dry…. I lost so many things that day.

I watched

I watched a wave from far away

Find it’s way to home

I watched a gull mirror-fly

Across the bright white foam

I watched the early morning folk

Amble to and fro

I watched the early workmen

About their business off they go

I watched the steady coastline

Greet the morning sun

I watched the fading moon

Toil over rest begun

I watched the morn turn to noon

I watched the passing day

I watched myself watching all

I watched myself away


I spent the day smiling oh I spent the day smiling,

Every hour I was smiling.

I spent the hour smiling; oh I spent the hour smiling,

Every minute of that hour I was smiling.

I smiled for one full minute; yes I smiled for one full minute,

Every second of that minute…there I was smiling.

I smiled for just one second; yes I smiled for just a second…

The widest biggest longest smile….

I smiled for just one second.