Mona Lisa

I cannot say if my life has truly been worthwhile

I only know that when I dream I wear a certain smile

I could not ever tell you what it is you see

When in my eyes you listen to every part of me

I would that I could show you all that I have seen

And let you touch the kisses in the hearts where I have been

I cannot say if loving me has ever been worthwhile

I only know that when you do I wear a certain smile

Searching Again

Within the places that I’ve been

Lay the traces left unseen

Roads I’ve travelled ways I know

Reveal the paths I cannot show

For here within this life I’m on

Two worlds live ‘til one is gone

Though in life with company roam

Surely yet I die alone

When stars above meet ground below

What kind of light shall I come to know

Where will all my memories shine

How shall I know what once was mine

So speak to me now of all unseen

Free me in this world I dream

Walk hand in hand gift me two

For I would be as one with you

And ease me of this death alone

Bind me now with Adam’s bone

For once more in the dark I roam

To seek a heart to make a home.

For Russell

When all the words ever written

Have finally turned to dust

And all of us have passed away

As we surely must

Some will say we’ve loved in vain

And have nothing in the end

Yet this One thing shall remain

With me, this memory of my friend.

Carry Me

Carry me lightly for I fear to go

Lay with me easy loving me slow

Let not our time come naught but to waste

Live this life slowly no use in such haste

Touch those you love with peace in your mind

Walk tall walk strong and always be kind

For troubles that come carry good grace

And troubles that go wash light upon face

So carry me lightly for soon I am gone

And lay me down easy for we are but one.