Dark Black

How I wish I knew the mind

Of that that thought up humankind.

What, if any, thoughts were thought

To create this battle we all have fought?

What is the point of this short span?

And is each pain part of the plan?

What of those who suffer dear?

And those that live in constant fear?

Is it a test of hope to find?

Has all this really been designed?

And if it has then what of sorrow?

Should we wait for more tomorrow?

Will we strive and conquer time?

Or just repeat this pantomime?

Who was the illumined mind?

That thought to name us humanKIND?

For David

Skies strewn asunder as winds chase tails of day

You in the corner just staring time away

Fools dancing circles twisting every chance

Your shadow on the stairs ... perfect quiet dance

Light breaks silence beating steady heart

You still in the corner wishing wings apart

Water falling upward as pages lighten grief

Your shadow in the trees … perfect skylight thief

Whisper winds at sullen seas as leaf-like clouds collide

A perfect you    A perfect shadow   held tight deep inside

Crying the Call

For the shadow falls as the

Pendulum swings

And lace-laden light in memory sings

Slowly hands join in weathered

White silence

Passing peripheral whispers of violence

Time tidal traces trawl from

This shore

While waste watered warriors wallow in war

Failings forgotten in forgiven truth

Lose their grip on the last lines of youth

Wings that once flew now still without sound

Breathless yet beating in the sky underground

And waters that dry in the drought

Of lost years

Seem saltless and pointless in time-tested tears

For the shadow will swing and

The pendulum fall

As memory makes much of life’s final call.