Be Kind

How many more times will I laugh before I die?

And how many times will I breakdown and cry

How many more kisses will I get to taste

And how many chances to be kind will I waste.

Sometimes it feels short

Sometimes it feels long

Something that is certain

Is one day I’ll be gone.

So how many times can I make you laugh today?

For I don’t wish to wipe any more tears away

And please let me kiss you until my last breath

For life is uncertain so be kind until death.

Advice to a Fallen Angel

Stay away from All that is known

Leave open cages of Birds that have flown

Disturb not the quiet that lovers breathe

And exit whilst laughing just after you leave

Tread in the footsteps of stories long gone

Spare not your worry for the time that moves on

Fear nothing but Dreams yet to be fulfilled

Waste your time looking for light being spilled

Listen each day to the sound of first light

Kiss sleepy kisses long into the night

Dance yourself young when the moon’s at rise

Slope away easy and always tell lies

Forget not to fall when gravity fails

And Banish all thought for aught that ails

Take only kindness when strangers to meet

Secure in the passage as laid at your feet

Heed not advice that’s foolishly given

And please recognise this life you are living

Yes ~ when it’s over and All your time has flown

Please stay away from All that is known.

The Love We Know

Love that shelters friends from harm

Makes a moment whole

And love that cheers a cold-heart warm

Heals a broken soul

Love that leaves not one alone

Wipes away all sorrow

And love that lays freely sown

Brightens our tomorrow

Love that touches every tear

Leads us ever on

And love that shall relieve all fear

Will leave us when we’ve gone

Love that friends have given free

Returns with quiet grace

And love that shines increasingly

Lays loving on each face

Love that time cannot restrain

Dances days forgiven

And love that helps us all to gain

Enthralls the world we live in

Love that lifts us when we fall

Beckons us to grow

And the love that will outlast us all

Holds all the love we know.