I to We

She smiled at me from another place

Distant yet close-by

Sweet softness slowly did displace

The lonely I in I

I smiled at her from far away

There was no telling why

I simply stole her heart that day

I’ve become we no longer am I I.

Loss of You

I feel as though the earth has moved

Now that you are gone

Everything is not the same

How shall I move on?

My days no longer hold love light

And when I lay I fear the night

Eyes that once held bright anew

Are dulled for lack and want of you

All this loss and all this sorrow

Seems to darken each tomorrow

And when I come full strength again

Still yet shall this pain remain

Time I know will play its part

And gentle come to mend my heart

The loss of you has broken me

Now All I feel uncertainty.

Pandora’s Butterfly

Although it breathes as though infinite this life is all too short.   We look, we hear, we formulate our world, we touch, we taste, we build our walls of knowledge …  We move unsteady at first but all too soon we trust our hot-cold learning and we run … We see, we meet all these others just like ourselves and yet they are other …  a lifetime of looking at others begins, all the same yet all the different … still we look to solve this riddle of the others.

We grow … we learn … yet we cannot know and therein lies the undoing; for the not knowing brings uncertainty, fear, and for those whose eyes look ever upward … conclusions collide and the painful realisation that regardless of all, beyond all else, when at last the eye light fades… there we are alone.  There we lay, alone, holding hands with the comfort of a faith retold through ages, still present inside, all this told one thing yet awaits…

Pandora’s Butterfly…


Oh the girls the girls the pretty girls

That pass my eyes this day

How they shine their pretty curls

And blow my world away

Should wishes now turn into dreams

And dreams become the real

I’d run away to a red rose day

And every girl I’d steal

The girls the girls the pretty girls

They pass me by today

For they don’t see me in their world

I’m an age a life a world away

Whither Whether

Whither whether were we made

To dither or to do

Sister brother mother prayed

What a great to do

Bustle hustle fear not fall

Whistle wobble wait n see

Living listen let us all

Whither whether made were we.

Words that Wonder

I wonder where these words will wander

If indeed a song is sung

I wonder if these words bring wonder

And if a day is ever done

If the song is never sung nor the day ever done

Yet will I write my words that wonder?