I drew you … all those years ago

I thought you were someone else

Nothing seems to matter when it all goes slow

I drew you to know a part of myself

The moment I saw you move walk

Your hands eyes the way they talk

The rush the fire electric and tight

Feeling you breathe watching the night

You drew me … moments just before

I thought I was someone else

Everything matters when you know nothing more

I drew you … to myself.

Lady of the Lake

Her eyes would fall upon the glass

Yet still she would not see

Whilst whispers whipped from strangers’ lips

Proclaiming just fair beauty

Her heart would beat outside of time

As all hearts beat their way

Whilst lovers kissed other lips

Foretelling of that day

Her touch would lie upon the world

And life therein would fire

Whilst moons manoeuvred ebb n flow

To lift those near still higher

Her wake would fall upon the sea

Willing waves to part

Whilst lovers whispered strangers’ names

To let him in her heart.

Strange Chance

The strangest chance to meet her once

His love a sail on fire

Left alone wanton bright

She would he could desire

The strangest chance to meet him once

Her love adrift in fire

Two together lulled a night

He could she would desire.


Failed days pass through the hands of a child whilst passers-by cross the eye to mark a trail thus made

Fallen dreams so seldom missed breeze across nervous hands and dance this lost charade.


You could be All I need, life itself.

Dreams so sweet to swim within

Too dark the corners pasts lie in

Wait to see kisses smile

Wait the hour walk the mile

Waves a tide pulls pushes me

Floats illusion drift revive me

Close ~ hair ~ light

Silent ~ hesitate ~ night

Turns full the day to await

Rainfall gentle ~ sh!  Anticipate