Always and Never

Always stand beside me as my dearest friend

For this is what makes life worth living til the very end

Never get discouraged when from time to time I fail

For I try to do things honestly sometimes to no avail

Always let me hold you when troubles come to rest

For this is my security in my heart forever pressed

Never let us lose forever to our future days

For this is how I love you ever and always


Sketched upon a winter sky

In lines drawn by a child

My life simply hanging there

Lost out in the wild

If I could

If I could I’d stand so high

My eyes would be the sky

And I would show my love for you

In clouds of pink n blue

If I could I’d lay me down

So low I’d be the ground

And I would show my love for you

In flowers pink n blue

A look in the Eye

It’s a disinterested world if you’re disorientated

It’s often out of reach and usually unrelated

It’s a one-way situation that baffles and lies

Just a small infatuation that often denies

Adults and Children

Falling far we reach for reason to set our minds to rest

Reaching high with tiny hands we strive to touch our best