Knives that carve out destiny

Lay wasted on the road

And tongues that twist the revelry

Lighten not the load

While chisels channel wilted wood

To cast aside the anger

The scythes that scupper all that’s good

Are hidden hard in hunger

Such sculptors are we cutting carving scything

Yet left to our own sharpened lives we leave our lovers dying.


What do you have when filled with disbelief

A hole in the heart stuffed full of grief

Where do you go when love tires of your kind

Back to memories deemed better designed

And when your reflection leaves you lonely inside

Do you retrace the tracks of the tears you have cried?

In the Shadow

Though I walk through the valley of Anger

I shall fear no good

For there shall I lay me down

And pray that I understood

For here between the light and breath

We measure Self in deeds

And when quiet speaks of death

Our judgements will cease like we.


Pressed flower petals fell from the book

As she scattered her thoughts away

Slowly she stooped for a quick second look

At the hours that had passed her that day

Shaking time across friendless spaces

Memory ushered in eve

As lines that knew so many faces

Weaved a dream to leave

Slumber soundless slows to her breath

At one with moment and night

Three stolen kisses from the lips of death

As she fades in her form as light

Folded dry hands like old petals still

The last breath touches sky

One more gone another must fill

Books with petals to fade and die