Love Listening

Wash away with each wave

These stories that I try to save

For all of this is but the start

Of all I hold within my heart

And if forever and a day

You hear of me and wish to say

Then please my love do so free

For love is listening but to thee.


Something stirred an age ago

Another movement found

Between the string and neutral noise

Lay still such silent sound

Your Love’s Request

Take note of your kisses, how sweet, how long and where they fall

For in dark dry moments they rescue the call

Whisper long into the space when in a lover’s arms held tight

For in the pain that lost love brings their echo quells the night.

To Come

Silken soft prophecy

Drips from the lips of youth

Proud prolific fallacy

Uncovered and uncouth

Lines that leave untouched the sage

Withered and withdrawn

Relieve all ties to this Age

Distraught and still unborn

Unknown and far from sensible

Visions veer away

Chaos comprehensible

Empties all we say

For these two lines shall never touch

This parallel embrace

Yet both have seen far too much

To leave without a trace.

Not Very Happy

Christ sometimes I just want to sleep

Sick to death of the tears I weep

Quietly leave all trouble behind

Drift into space that knows only kind

I’m tired of everything that I feel

And pretty certain this pain is real

Sometimes I’d just like to be

Alone and quiet with serenity.