School for All

Everybody’s listening to nobody’s fool

Nodding their heads to the next dumbass rule

Yet nobody gets that everyone ‘s cool

We’re all still at desks in one big school

Cos it ain’t what you feel, touch, taste, hear or see

It’s as straight up as this ... It is who you BE.


What’s with the waiting?

Digestive ruminating

What’s with the questions?

Pointless suggestions

What’s with the schooling?

Retrospective ruling

What’s with the buying?

Delusional lying

What’s with reflection?

Full-on introspection

What’s with these words?

Just shepherding verbs.


How stupid am I to scribble and scrawl

How arrogant pride belays my fall

What did I think these words would achieve

In you have I lost now only to grieve

Cover me now with shrouds to veil

Tighten the knot this heart to impale

Wisdom is lost in words sent to try

Solace found soft slow silently die.

Advice to Self

Try just to observe or write it all down

Capture that spirit become that clown

Gain from the greater and bring it all down

Walk a straight line now spin it around

Do what feels right and natural for you

Speak open your mind speak what is true

Smile at your self and whomever you cross

Just one last thing don’t dwell on your loss.


Chasing clouds of fantasy

I rush towards the edge

Lost in my complacency

I stand alone in debt

Waiting not to hesitate

I seethe at every turn

In lieu of all the good I’ve done

Still I never learn

Leaving what was never meant

I dance on silently

In haste I gather all I spent

To brighten up my grave

Finding all my fragments

I try my best anew

In truth I know what is what

But not what I hold-on to.