Leave me standing or make me fall

For a drop in the ocean is one is all.

Monsoon tears for each child born

Dried in the drought of a lost unborn

For no one chooses lightly, there is no easy choice

Sometimes sorrow seems to be the only voice.

Spare Me

Spare me but a moment of your time

And I will let you dwell in everyone of mine

Spare me just one tear of sorrow

And I will tell you of tomorrow

Spare me not to leave alone

And I will bare you as my own

Spare me not to blindly be

And you will be my life to me

Spare me all your thoughts of shame

And I will sing of but one name

Spare me just some space to live

And I will show you how I give

Spare me promises to hold

And I will never say we told

Spare me not a tear at death

And I will love your every breath

Spare me not a single thing

And of this love I shall sing.


You lay inside my stomach

Curled as if new born

Etched upon my history

Little lost forlorn

A memory of a future

Ripped from the heart fresh torn

My last word ever spoken

My first oath ever sworn


A thousand moments realised

A breath to end all breaths

A single moment scrutinised

A single breath then death


I was told the moon would turn around and change me

But the sun intervened and I remain the same.

I heard a little bird would one day comfort me

And here you are ghost of my shadow that sun and moon illuminate.

I was found by myself in waking dreams that sleep.