Freely I listen to lights unknown

Gather together time not yet sown

I wait in the wings for curtains to fall

I wish away wishes scrawled on a wall

I leave lovely lovers suffered in scent

I draw dark details from a dark descent

Freely I gather darkness now known

Scatter the lives of loves not grown

I lay by the loveless tortured and sure

I dissipate hope from all that is pure

I catalyse crisis in the aged and meek

I scandalise scoundrels too vague to speak

Freely I listen to lights unknown as I chill in the remnants of moments alone.

Two Drops of Rain

What could we place in the space between?

Two drops of rain as they fall unseen

Perhaps the face of a beautiful child

Eyes turned skyward hands beguiled,

Perhaps some wisdom from an elderly gent

Whose eyes still sparkle though his back be bent,

Or maybe a glance from a lady of leisure

Who sparks in us such guilty pleasure.

Perhaps there are those who’d leave well alone

And forget about spaces where there’s nothing to own,

But I’d like to think that this space is alive

And there, in between, natures love to contrive.

Goghian Passion

I would set fire to my left eye if I thought that it would ease

Die amongst the living whilst waltzing in the trees

I would sail another’s dream if all was as before

Sing forever songs, sleep lilies on her floor

I would dress in time forgotten if she would notice me

Wait forever loving if only just to see.