One Second

In a soliloquy of a moment I thought would never come

Enigmatically emphatically arose that special one

Wrapped in raptures stolen from a mis-spent youth

Thunder ceased silently to behold a single truth

Exposed and yet coupled to a flawless dream

Hours passed more slowly but seconds stayed extreme.


In candlelight and wine

I bathed an evening blue

Scattered pretty butterflies

To remind myself of you.

I moved the moon to morning

Just to speed along my day

Ushered stars to pearl the sky

For I like it just that way.

I whispered words of wonder

In silver seas on gold

Raptured rhymes and began to weave

The one story never told.

Wine now drained and candle gone

In blue I bathe this eve

But I cannot tell you how it ends

For if I did I’d have to leave.


Strayed upon eternal tides

Movements of the mind

Held together timidly

My path would not unwind

Gentle push upon the breeze

Between strong eyes that stare

Taken once to sit within

A broken ring of solid air

Rushed yet still a quiet void

Delayed a fleeting glance

Held but once and momentry

I have at last felt chance.