Forget Me Nots

Bless you Bless me Bless all of us

For here we trouble find

Lay us down in forget-me-nots

We need to kindle kind

For dark the hours when we forget

That we have so little time

One time here is all we get

We need to be sublime

So lay me with forget-me-nots

For the sublime I see is you

Although this is but a moments touch

Our time here must be true.

One Day to Keep

I while away the hours in the spaces in between

To show you all the lies and tears that lay there still unseen

Balanced on this wire suspended high above

Lost without the sense of you and falling out of love

I would that I could start again make changes from the heart

But all of this a breath in wind has left us still apart

Now my eyes close to drown memory held tight deep

A sinking feeling stays with me, a broken heart to keep

But shed no tears for this today for I would be this way

For deep inside a light still burns for how we loved that day.


Coffee on the table

The same old story cold

Running to be able

One love yet still to hold

Mirrors on the inside

Reflect the same old me

Nothing left I wish to hide

This one love I would see

Heart upon this sleeve

I cannot keep this in

Staying when I wish to leave

One love yet to begin