When all my words are gone

There’ll be nothing left to fear

No reason to mark the page

Or shed another tear

I’ll have no need to introvert

Wonder at the hours dreamt

I’ll be at peace al last to rest

The light I lived forever spent

So why I wonder do I mark this page

To learn or witness this that’s me

Why indeed so oft I’ve asked

Perhaps to pass in honesty

When at last my words are done

I wonder if alone I’ll be

I hope at least all wonders lived

I’ll breathe in light all memory.


Friendship is as love a beautiful simple light

You warm it through your ways it warms you through your night

It’s every gesture made with care and always given free

It’s smiling at the me in you and loving the you in me

So when you’re offered friendship thank all the gods above

For friendship is the last thing left when we run out of love.

Season to Reason

Sailed savage winds to find your sweet face

Made millions of memories on m way to this place

Time by my side as a constant reminder

Of shadows that struggle swiftly behind her

Ahead of horizons a future unsure

White are these seasons that reason so pure.

Adrift on the calm beached to bemoan

Memories of millions all left alone

Remnants of time left to decay

Light streaming forth on this Summers day

For with this sun burning anew

This season’s a reason for a feeling once true.