A Taste

You know when you hold the wind in your hand

Earthlight smiles to understand

The wonderings of wonderlust

Scattered wide upon earth’s crust

Distance travelled like passing hours

Fade as petals upon Spring flowers

Yet still a warmth inside I hold

Laughing at the wind as I grow old

Breathing while I can this our sweet light

For long will shall I taste everlasting night.

No Other Me

Doors to other worlds that close

Shut out the very path I chose

Windows once that brought fresh air

Now are barred to leave despair

For this house I’ve made my own

Is where I live as though alone

But just as everyday has light

So my rooms shall be bright

For this house where I reside

Holds the Me I would not hide

With cracks and faults for all to see

There really is no other me.

To You

Everyone should feel kindness around them

Each one of us should know we’re forgiven

For life is too hard to brave it alone

And many will die before they’ve full grown

So to each bless our every day

With loveliness and laughter forever to stay

May each of us strive to over-achieve

And be never alone if ever we grieve.