Fade me out from first to last

Push me back push back the past

Favour not the best of this and savour not the worst

Memorise the emptiness for that that now comes first

Wish wide the doors of all that’s new

Leave laying all there rusted cold

Torn in dreams that skied askew

Pages prone are printed bold.

What was once now nevermore

Gained the knowing not what it’s for

Ripples still evade the shore

As here I stand for evermore.

Weighted now the space of you

The lies of me the one thing true

Healed yet broken soft not spoken

All once real now just a token.

There we strode down lover’s lane

These words herein pray now refrain.

We DiD

I know the innermost of you

The places soft, the shades of blue

You know the deepest parts of me

The places others never see.

Yet here we are a life apart

Tears long gone but scars on heart

A life in union closed in end

Left still longing clutching friend

Where will this go, will we hold on

To a life that lived but now has gone.

And should we in truth now rise above

To recognise our depth of love

For when the clouds pass us by

And tears are driven from our eye

Will we not then lift our voice

Validate what then was choice

Or shall we cower in the morrow

Never tell of our nascent sorrow

But smile so bright that none would know

That you and I once did grow.

One Second of Your Time

In a soliloquy of a moment I thought would never come

Enigmatically emphatically arose that special one

Wrapped in rapture nurtured from my youth

Thunder ceased silently to behold a single truth

Exposed yet coupled to a flawless dream

I find the hours pass more slowly yet seconds remain extreme.