The night sky’s on the ground tonight

Feel like I’m drinking air

All wrapped up and tight within

Alone but for despair.

Walked away a thousand steps

Just trying to set free

Lost myself in a thousand worlds

And broke in frailty.

The ground’s up in the sky tonight

The world has turned around

Wrapped up in your arm’s so tight

True happiness I have found.

Each and Every Day

Fail not this day to curl and sleep

But make a moment for you to keep

Take from your face a sullen frown

Stare skyward up not earthward down.

Lessen your load with thoughts of bright

Keep peace with day and love with night

Greet all the same with open heart

And leave with grace when you part

For this day shall not repeat

And to live as this is us complete.

So sing as you’ve never sung before

Open each and every door

Step strong and straight the road ahead

For the best is there for us to wed.

Dance with the winds that carry change

Sidestep sorrow just re-arrange

Wish with wings that carry far

Believe that inside we carry a star.

Our greatest test is to live this way

Not once but each and every day.

Waste Not

Words thrown as litter unto the ground

Wasted chances will pass with no sound

While water flows the same old way

We live like we know there’s another day.

Wish only for love let your heart try again

For if we live in love then I believe we remain.