Forget About Why

How do I move on when I’m stuck in the middle

Life’s big questions, one giant riddle

And what do I seek for what do I strive

A balanced status quo? Is that really alive?

So I trudge through this day troubled of mind

Searching for answers I’ll never find.

Touched with concern for all common grief

Bemused by the tears that bring no relief.

So how to get back what once was mine,

That childlike feeling that all is fine,

Perhaps to stop asking and just breathe through the day

Find a peaceful medium and make it my way.

Well I guess that’ll work or at least worth a try

And so to start breathing and forget about why!

Winter’s Child

Here she comes Winter’s child to offer up the bare,

Naïve light touches us as leaves dance in the air.

Hands turn heartward to wrap themselves around,

For just like kids we swoosh away at leaves upon the ground.

Eyes spin to catch gentles of the sky

Swirling sailing birds carry the eye.

Swoosh again with smiles so bright

To dance within new Autumn’s light.


As ceaseless as the sea stirs silence silently,

I stand in fixed uncertainty.

Words unsaid speak of love undone,

As I circle moons on a circle sun.

Breathless whispers wild to touch

Cover all I miss so much.

Hands here empty strain in space

As ceaseless tears wash upon my face.

And as shadows cross all deemed dear

A knowing deepens in the darkness here.

Hot inside like a lover’s right

Confused this day will soon be night.

Ceaseless silence upon this sea

Drifts into each part of me.

Hands full of a shadow past

Know all too well that this won’t last.