What would I give up for the one I love

Start at the bottom then all above

Each look each breath each thought that’s mine

My every movement laid bare on a line

expectations all made in haste

each word spoken is one that I waste

What would I give to be the only one

All futures tomorrows all memories gone

the essence of wishes made for each day

hours of dreaming together to stay

All I possess and then something more

A space in your heart for love to explore

This I would give in the search for your love

Full depth of my soul then all the above.

Building Blocks

Each time I am with you deeper still I fall

Smiles and light lift me smiling over all

Each time I am with you I feel a better man

Confidence strikes forth inside I’m better than I am

Each time I am with you I feel I have been blessed

Your beauty overwhelms me each part of me caressed

Each time I am with you I can’t wait for the next time

Each time  Each time  Each time.