Round the Bend

High upon her difference

My smiles just never end

Caught in this sweet hesitance

I’m going round the bend

Lost inside her smiling eyes

My dreams are vivid wild

I fall into her sleepy skies

Just like a little child

Wondering if she might stay

I wrestle with my heart

Wondering if there’s a way

I tear myself apart

Doubting my significance

I revisit all I know

Yet all of this appears as chance

One word and all could go

So here I am indifferent

to smiles that never end

Feeble and unconfident

I’m going round the bend.


If love makes you blind

then it seems so unkind

that the greatest of gifts

should deny one a kiss

But if you’re blind to what’s true

then there’s nothing left to do

For if your love is unkind

Then it’s you that is blind.