Head Turn

With an eye upon my past mistakes

It’s hard to settle down

Taking off the foam red nose

Still underneath the clown

Seeking out new ways to c hase

remains of days to be

Spinning circles driftwood style

I wait impatiently

Hands upon all I can hold

I strangle stories left untold

curled up tight already old

these youthful eyes are far too bold.


I lost a little time today in the blinking of an eye

You were there but I was gone and I couldn’t tell you why

I lost a little piece of me when I didn’t hear you cry

You were sad but I was lost and I wouldn’t tell you why

I lost a little of you when I didn’t tell you why

I am here but you have gone and I see the reason why.

At the last

Save your last breath for me and we’ll share it

Bound together with eternity for alone I could not bare it

Make your last memory me and together we’ll laugh as one

Remembered in infinity ‘til all but us have gone.


In the facile indecisions that lay my love to waste

Uncomplicated frailty is bitter to the taste

Sat upon the middle line on a road that leads astray

Laughing at a noon hot sun breaks a different day.