Silent Shots Sing Out

In every moment found

Beauty waits at every turn

And love in every sound.

If only for this moment

Life would balance right

Silence in fulfillment

Bound in endless sight.

Touching touched everyone

All wrongs at once denied

Rapture seeking everyone

I stand here stupefied.


She smiled as if the world could end

Without a single tear

As if all time and space would bend

To lend her smile an ear.

He smiled as if t once he knew

There would never be a doubt

As if his heart was ever new

And sorrow all but out.

Their smiles together rose as one

As life with love did shine

Higher still ‘til sight was gone

Two smiles did thus entwine.


Fragile suddens me along

Youthful wishes all but gone

Yet these wings still inspire

Cliff top edges climbing higher

For to stop time inside

Opens opportunity wide

There to thermal lift and soar

My heart so young for evermore

When of a sudden frailty sings

Vibrate sweet wind beneath my wings

Ease upon the moon’s night face

A final kiss the final trace.