Fragments of love dead with their passing

All that is hopeful now neverlasting

Water marks upon passing years

Trailing faces graven tears

Whilst we dare not to touch the sun

Underground or in air we’re done

The briefest blink a butterfly

Equates the lives wherein we try

To live in full the bloom of day

Make our mark passing this way

Yet in the end we fade in dust

And those left standing question trust

For loss strikes cold in every vein

Nothing here to touch this pain

So damaged broken on we move

Lift our heads as if to prove

That that will be the very last

As we remember those now past

Frightened children out of breath

We all grow up in the arms of death.


Save your love for sounds gone missing

Whispered sayings left for the wishing

People scattered on petaled winds

Lost the heart where all begins

Days absconded hard with weight

Shrouds and veils frequent too late

Nights come labored hard to leave

The ones we love we too bereave

In all of this your heart remakes

A silent kiss that never breaks

When the rock we push at last is still

Sounds go missing in Love’s freewill.


As these lights fade away

Fantasy seems old today

All my reason and my rhyme

Pale inside another time

As standing on a shore bereft

I contemplate the nothing left

Solid lines that gag and tie

Restrain the me inside the I

All the want now questioned deep

For love lies bleeding as I sleep.