China Doll

Above the night that touched her soul

Stood the lonely china doll

Wrapped so tight that none could see

A child bathed with eternity

Far beyond a wildest dream

Where none but she had ever been

Lay the tracks of tears undone

Wetted cross the noonday sun

So she stands as one alone

This china doll with but one bone.

It’s There

It’s in the space between two clouds passing

That love is seen in bright eyes dancing

It’s in the sway of a moonlit glade

That love dips hearts in her sweet shade

It’s in the season’s singsong rhyme

That love procures unending time

And it’s there in my heart when I look at you

Beating Bathing Bright and New.

Delusional Unrequited ME

So tense the real between us

If at all it even exists

Gossamer strands too easy to break

That only a heartsmile persists

It’s no wonder I talk the hours down

For I wander this road un-starred

Lost inside such revelry

I find your light unmarred

Now time seems soft dissolved

Wishes fly on wings

I spin myself in webs of dreams

And wait for all she brings.