Secret Death

Secret silence drapes her hips

Promised cherry upon her lips

Broken bare this coupled light

I open shut a chasmic night

Bloomed but once inside a dream

Faded lost this breathless scream.

Forever ?

Possibly perfect one in two parts

Echoed silence two distant hearts

One to persuade another deny

It’s all in the asking and never the why

One maybe right one perhaps wrong

Over and over the saddest love song

It’s something unknown so there’ll always be fear

Yet vanquished and gone comfort draws near

So be with your heart to open the mind

A touch of the senses and surely we’ll find

We are who we are this story begun

A Yes makes the moon fall in love with the sun

There lays the plea there the request

To revisit the question put life to the test

For which of us knows all that we are

Born of a light from the very same star

So let’s set out on this journey together

For who really knows this could be forever.


Upon the wings of wind swept birds

Flies my love all night

Slaying slow soft spoken words

Wrapped and bound so tight

First she stirs she wakes me soft

To fill my day with light

And with each look my heart is stopped

For we fly wind words tonight.