Love Bites the Moon

Don’t you laugh at the man in the moon

Or the girl in love will bite you

Don’t you think you’re far above

Or the man in the moon won’t like you

For the man in the moon

Will come real soon

To claim the girl in the Sun

So when you’re done

Or the world’s moved on

Don’t you forget

That you are left

With the man in love in the moon.

World Undone

Broken reflections sharply falling

Lights lost in a lover’s calling

Ladders rise amid your stars

Tight lines touching battle scars

A thousand faces far below

The you I now will never know

All in silence settled kind

Fragments of this broken mind

Wait upon a second chance

The first the last dated dance

So with tides that ebb and flow

I sit still while others grow

And if that You should turn full grace

Shine sweet sun upon this face

Then all of this shall come undone

As ever in our world begun.