Stay bright my darkened heart lest the fear shall tear apart

Wonderments gathered tight sequins made of pure sunlight.

Stay calm my impassioned heart lest the tides sweep apart

Wonderments freely given glisten gold in life forgiven.

Stay strong my weakened heart lest lost love lays life apart

Wonderments stowed safe away wait in measure for such a day.

Stay you my doubting heart for nothing real wills all apart

Wonderments reflection true Be strong Be bright Be calm Be you.

Half a Tear

Broke a single tear today

Split it in two sent it away

For the world half I did save

For those I love the rest I gave

It isn’t much just half a tear

But to this truth I will adhere

Half a tear shed with grace

Before the end shall grace our face

At last

Bated breath held in his hand

He steps away to understand

Her eyes stare into his distraction

Reflecting some insane attraction

A bond too strong makes hard to breathe

When she’s near or about to leave

No sense left in his wanting mind

To all but this he is totally blind

Her smile breaks his moments wide

Feathers quiver queer inside

Her shadow there sentient touch

Desire in check but not too much

Will she won’t she drives him on

Bated breath now all but gone

As time fades slow moving fast

Her essence presence felt at last.