I held you as you fell I fell when you held me

I waited while our lines entwined and found our destiny.

I wished your dreams into mine in silent secrecy

I held this wish and waited long as love became obscurity.

Kissing Dreams Together

Take my hand

and you’ll understand

just what I’m waiting for.

Hold on tight

and we’ll make this night

last for evermore.

Lay with me

and the stars will see

we were made for each other.

Kiss me girl

and make my world

for I don’t want another.

From now on

want you never gone

stay in my heart forever.

For You and Me

are in that big ol’ tree

just kissing our dreams together.

Sh !

I’d like to be buried with my palette

and with a paint brush in my hand

Surrounded by those I loved

and one who cannot stand.