So ever hopeful for an ever after

A princess sleeps in waiting.

So ever hopeful for evermore

A princess heart for taking.

So ever hopeful for real change

A prince awaits the night.

So ever hopeful hope remains

Prince Princess Finite.

That Smile

A smile that lasts forever

across all we’ll ever know

binds our hearts together

as soft our love does grow.


Strange the light strangers bring

Friendship found upon the wing

Strands fall graced upon life’s art

To whisper truths surround the heart

For as we stand under this sun

Bathed as Eve’s beautified one

We trust the light friendship brings

To echo love on our heartstrings.

Hopeful Leaves

Dead before the leaves have faded

Left alone these lines come jaded

Folded arms above crossed legs

Open hands where nothing begs

Brings a storm to lull the sun

Where lovers laugh at life undone

Round reprise to end again

A lonely line amidst this pain

Feigns surprise at words now jaded

Laid aside with hope now faded.