Stranger than the fiction

I create on a daily basis

This feeling in between

My desert your oasis

Stronger than the ties

I make to hold within

This feeling deep inside

My virtue or your sin

Straighter than the line

I pretend to walk upon

This feeling all consuming

Here but somehow gone.

Two Wishes

There amidst a thousand stones

Lay the one I called my own

Next to water’s chattered voice

A wish at once became a choice.

High amongst the tallest trees

Sails this wish upon a breeze

Close to clouds that lullaby

A wish released unto the sky.

I saw it lift into the blue

To meet and match a wish from you

There two danced a thousand times

As magic made a trillion rhymes.

There amid a thousand stones

Two wishes loved as if alone.


How to get back the broken pieces

make whole again each day.

Where to find the scattered dreams

in which I used to play.

It seems as though a life has burned

like flames into the air.

It happened whilst my back was turned

and vanished in my stare.