A passing jest repaid in full

A spoken word too hard to pull

All of these shall fade as dust

Buried far beneath this lust

For lonely men such as I

Shall grace no world but leave to die

You who watch and never learn

The way in which time does burn

Lost in eyes left unseen

Clothed in all you ever dream

Forgotten to yourself again

You stare and yet you feel no gain.


Maybe we should bow down and give it all away

Maybe we’d make a difference not tomorrow but today

Maybe I will never know or see it all played out

Maybe I just do not get what it’s all about

Maybe we are trying to ignore that we have lied

Maybe it’s a simple case of falling for our pride

Maybe there’s no reason to ask or question this

Maybe this is not everything there is

Maybe I should bow down and give it all away

Then I can make a difference to tomorrow and today

Searching  Now

Place your hand in mine once more

Curl your fingers around mine tight

Let us be as once before

Brightened in each other’s sight.

Hopeful hangs as mist in air

Dreamed something to inspire

Cold the well with nothing there

It’s hard to quell this fire.

Lost to us halcyon past

Yet present in the new

Comfort moving meant to last

Searching now this me in you.