Do I

Tip toe on the top most tree

I glide my glee to fill

Echoes of the day ahead

I head up a downward hill

Fallen free above the deep waters wait on me

Drifted drowsy into sleep

I dry myself once more

Reflected in transparent love

A mystery I see

Waiting in a secret dark

There’s no one here but me.

Kissing Smiled Light Memories

I see you in the waters of memory smiled light

And feel your warmth in all I do when lonely in the night.

I watch you pass my shadow as the moon across the sky

And know that you are with me on the ground where I now lie.

I guess I must be crazy to believe in a love like this

Yet somehow I am certain as I touch upon your kiss.

In smiled light memories I see you once again

And in the loneliness of night I hear you call my name.

I see your shadow on the moon and in each and every sky

I hear your breath right next to me in the bed where I now lie.

I’m pretty sure I’m crazy to believe in a love like this

But I know that I am certain when I touch upon your kiss.

A Second Look

Close is as the day meets night

Far the eyes held shut tight

Strange the road travelled long

Known the words to your lost song

Held one moment here today

My last attempt to love this way

Found the smile once begun

Lost at once behind your sun

Forgive this need to lull you so

For you are all I wish to know.