Throw your dust into the Air

Turn to smile it’s yours to share

Let it fall as wonderlust

Disappear your fear of trust

Take a breath it’s yours to keep

Last time over before you sleep

Ride a dream and let it run

For hummingbirds shall catch the sun

Shed that tear for all to see

Salt quake sheds a broken tree

Known to those who code the vow

There is what there is and then there is Now.


If by your touch I could be healed

Then touch me once for our fate is sealed

If by your look my world’s found new

Then look upon me as I look upon you

If by your smile I should feel my heart rise

Then fill my soul with your sunrise

If by your love I live life again

Then inside of me lasting remain

For the touch of the look that smiles in your love is all I would have for it’s you that I love.

She and He

She holds the Sun He holds the light

Unravelled the reason for love at first sight

He prays for a touch She prays for the world

Together inside such moments unfurl.

He holds the Moon She holds the night

Arms round each other it’s love til last light

He prays for the world she prays for a touch

Together inside love all moments are such.