Am currently developing this section ..... As a starter there are a few files ready for perusal or download.

This is my current CV click on the painting to the left to download

To the left is the Tokaut AIDS ACT manifest I created to detail the work undertaken in Papua New Guinea. As well as containing theatre and drama exercises, it describes the methodology used to bring HIV&AIDS awareness, information and education to remote and rural communities. It contains some of the scripts used, formats for peer group discussions and community workshops. I am extremely proud of this work as it has become a significant document which is now incorporated and employed in the PNG national response to the HIV pandemic.    Click on the icon to download.

To the left is the Drama in Your Hands manual. I created this to support the Drama in Education initiative that was piloted under the VSO Tokaut AIDS program. It has an excellent breakdown of how to structure a workshop as well as a selection of games and exercises used as part of this program.  Click on the icon to download.