This first video shows a solo performance choreographed and presented at the space London 2003. The piece is butoh inspired and reflects upon the passing of my father.

The piece formed part of an evening of collaborations between Fran Barbe, Yael Karavan, Yumino Seki and myself. The evening was entitled ‘FleshMirror’, this piece is entitled “Je ne...”

Original music composed and recorded by Dan Jobar.        length 7:45.

Papua New Guinea       parts 1 & 2

This is in effect the first part of a video that tries to show something of my experience of this wonderful country.

This part looks at Koinambe in the Jimi Valley and briefly details a journey up the Sepik River. I created it more for a personal journal than a finished movie so forgive the edit fervour.

Dedicated to Nelson Siddy, Bismark Range Theatre Troupe, the people of Maprik and of course Koinambe.

Papua New Guinea      final part

This final part looks at Raikos and some of the work carried out there. It shows one of the scripted works ‘Taim Bilong Yu’ (Your Time) in performance, includes a brief excerpt of the Drama in Education pilot program and finally a rather bizarre auto-interview.

Dedicated to Jackie Kauli, Kunai Paia Theatre Troupe and the people of the Raikos District.

This video details a visit to a volcanic island named Karkar with my good friend Russell James.

The video shows some incredible traditional sing-sing (dance) which was presented to Russell and I as guests.

Russell later sponsored this troupe to tour their island and deliver HIV & AIDS awareness, I ran a week long workshop in preparation.  I will never forget this Russell, truly awesome.

Below are a selection of videos for your perusal please feel free to mail me with comments

This piece was a joy to create... Yael Karavan is one of the most energised creative people it has been my pleasure to work with.  Entitled “Dying Laughing” it’s composition became organic....Yael Karavan is currently leading the Karavan Ensemble on a successful theatrical journey catch up with her work at ......